RDL has been highly recommended by AsiaLaw Profiles 2013 for the practice area of Energy & Natural Resources and well-­rated by Asia Pacific Legal 500 in 2016, 2017, 2019 – 2022 for Projects and Energy.


Our practice in this area encompasses the power generation, supply of utilities and the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors.  We service both oil companies and their many contractors and partners. Experienced in both upstream and downstream activities in the oil and gas industries, we advise clients at all stages of the business from the initial investment, licensing and regulatory requirements and the establishment of local entities, to the tendering and bidding for and the securing of contracts.

We have negotiated and drafted agreements to construct power plants as well as contracts to supply utilities.  In the event of disputes, we have a proven track record in arbitration and litigation to resolve them.

Our experience extends to drafting agreements relating to renewable energy, such as those under the Kyoto Protocol.

Some of the projects in which we have been involved are:

Project Transactions

  • The Bakun Hydroelectic Dam
  • The on­site construction and lease of an air separation unit with utility supply for an industrial plant
  • An anaerobic treatment plant using an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket system
  • Contracts to provide services and equipment for offshore oil and gas extraction facilities
  • The construction of a petroleum facility in Africa
  • The fabrication, construction, testing and pre-­commissioning of a deck and deck support frame for an offshore platform

Dispute Resolution

  • The Pergau Hydroelectric Dam
  • An oil and gas fire at a port
  • Terminal Usage Agreements for storage, blending, and discharge of petroleum products at a port
  • An electric power plant in Penang
  • An ammonia and urea production plant
  • Petrodar Pumping Facilities, Sudan
  • The Manjung thermal power station
  • A centralised petroleum tankage facility
  • The onshore fabrication and construction of offshore oil platforms
  • The shipping and installation of modules of a pre­fabricated compression platform at an offshore location
  • A collision between a supply vessel and an offshore oil rig


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