About Us


The firm was born in 1964 as a sole-proprietorship and over the years has steadily morphed into the vibrant and still-growing partnership that it is today. Our current practice covers many different areas of law and sectors, having evolved from the original practice that comprised conveyancing, banking and finance law, to keep pace with developments in Malaysia. The firm’s current principal focus would be in the areas of companies, foreign investment, land, construction, medico-legal, banking, finance, receivership, insurance, intellectual property, information & communications technology and tax. Having said that, the list of other areas included in our work is a long one.

“The diversity of our practice areas means that clients can safely regard the firm virtually as a one-stop centre for legal advice and representation”.

We believe that another part of our strength is in our constant attention towards providing prompt responses and proactive thought to offering real solutions to the legal issues encountered by our clients. At the same time, our aim is to retain a traditional personalised approach to practice. This we fervently believe to be in the best interests of our clients.

Through networking over the years, the firm has established links with other professional and legal firms in other jurisdictions and hence is in a position to provide its clients with seamless international professional assistance and referrals.

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