Professional Recruitment

What do we look for in the RDL lawyer?

He/she should be:

  • well-trained, with a sound grounding in the law
  • highly motivated
  • diligent
  • dauntless
  • confident
  • thorough, meticulous, with an eye for details, yet still able to see the big picture
  • articulate
  • proactive
  • a team player
  • equipped with a clear mind and a good dose of common sense

RDL offers the opportunity to work in an environment committed to the old-fashioned value of doing things right, playing by the rules and not cutting corners, and where sheer hard work, merit, integrity and professionalism are esteemed and rewarded.

Associates will be assigned to teams, each of which is supervised by a partner in the relevant practice group.  We do not believe in throwing a young lawyer into the deep end, preferring instead to train him or her in small steps progressively until sufficient maturity is reached. Young lawyers will have their work scrutinised by a partner or senior associate and will be given feedback. They are also often included in internal discussions on the management of a case and the strategy to be adopted.  As they grow, they will be given ever increasing responsibilities relative to their capacity, to the extent that they will in turn be in a position to delegate part of their work to younger associates whom they will train in the same way.

Being in a firm with multiple practice areas, an associate will have the opportunity to acquire expertise in various areas of the law.  It is not unusual for a lawyer to move to a different practice group, depending on his own personal conviction and the needs of the firm.

Applications may be submitted to our Recruitment Partner –

Please give us a cover letter, your curriculum vitae, academic transcripts and any other documents you think are relevant.

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