Industrial Incidents & Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)


Construction activities and industrial operations are fraught with risks. Even if great care is taken by the parties concerned, untoward incidents can nevertheless happen. More often than not, severe consequences will ensue, causing substantial financial losses and, in some instances, personal injury and even loss of lives.

We have hands-on experience in assisting clients in dealing with major industrial incidents in various sectors. This experience has given us valuable insights into how to manage the aftermath of such unfortunate incidents. There are immediate and necessary steps that need to be considered and taken, including securing and managing evidence, dealing with authorities, dealing with aggrieved parties, appointment of investigators, making insurance or other claims and planning for resumption of operations. Proper and methodical handling of these matters will greatly assist clients to emerge and recover from such incidents.

The importance of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance in the context of construction and operational activities cannot be overstated. Non-compliance not only increases the risk of untoward incidents occurring, it may also attract criminal and civil liabilities. HSE compliance has also taken on a new significance since the Covid-19 pandemic where stricter rules and procedures have been applied to a wider spectrum of industries.


We have advised clients on, inter-alia, the following incidents:

  • Fire at the petroleum storage facility at Tanjung Langsat Port
  • 2 fires cum explosions at the RAPID Pengerang Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Collapse of a link bridge between KL Eco City and Mid Valley City
  • Fire cum explosion at a shopping mall in Malacca
  • Collision of a support vessel against the leg of an oil rig
  • A fatal accident involving an international contractor operating in Malaysia
  • Accidental discharge from sprinkler heads at a warehouse
  • A worksite incident involving the fall of a concrete slab from an expressway
  • A fatal accident at a shaft of a construction site
  • Sinkholes incident at a mixed development construction site
  • Dislodgement of material from a high-rise construction site
  • A fatal accident involving collision and collapse of a supporting structure at a construction site.


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