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It is notable that we are one of the few firms in the country with a sizeable and dedicated medical and healthcare law practice group that is in a position to provide comprehensive advice and representation for all players in the healthcare industry. We believe that our clients benefit from our unique practical understanding of the discipline and practice of medicine and dentistry, related industries and the substantial contacts that we have established with various medical/dental associations and regulatory bodies, developed over the course of many years of advising and representing healthcare practitioners. Our courtroom experience is extensive and our lawyers are regularly involved in trials and appeals involving healthcare practitioners and hospitals. The numerous cases we have handled, both in the courts and before tribunals, include cases involving allegations of misdiagnosis, surgical mishaps, delayed treatment, the use of inappropriate equipment/devices, conflicts of interests and the use of controversial drugs.

We are also constantly involved in matters pertaining to professional ethics, representing healthcare practitioners in disciplinary inquiries held by the Malaysian Medical Council and the Malaysian Dental Council established under the Ministry of Health.

In recognition of our expertise and experience, the Penang Medical College (now known as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and University College Dublin Malaysia Campus) invites us to lecture on relevant medico-legal issues every year as part of its undergraduate medical curriculum. Further, the team’s lawyers speak at medical conferences on various topics of interest and have lectured in venues all across the country.

Our practice also includes advising clients on legal developments as well as compliance with legislation relating to this industry such as the Medical Act 1971 and the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act, 1998.

The commercial aspects of healthcare practice are not ignored. In this connection, we vet, review and draft documents such as by-laws, internal policies and template forms relating to the various operations of a hospital or the practice of healthcare practitioners (such as admission forms and consent forms) and various agreements relating to healthcare services and supplies.

Our wealth of experience enables us to advise on reputation and crisis management if an adverse medical event occurs. We are also sought after by clients to advise on new offerings in the medical space including matters relating to the digitisation of healthcare, online healthcare services and artificial intelligence.


We have represented general medical practitioners, dental practitioners as well as practitioners in various areas of specialization, such as obstetricians & gynaecologists, cardiologists, haematologists, oncologists and plastic surgeons. Apart from acting for individual medical/dental practitioners, we advise the Medical Protection Society Limited and the Dental Protection Limited (both of which are based in the United Kingdom), hospitals, healthcare associations, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical devices on various issues such as those relating to statutory, regulatory and ethical requirements.


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