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Francis a/l Adaikalam (Filing Clerks Supervisor)
During my early days of employment with this Firm, I only had 4 colleagues. Mr Mah King Hock was the only Partner heading the Firm and we did mostly criminal cases and recovery of bad debts. The Firm was based at Jalan Pintas (near the old Court Hill) and we used to work on Saturdays, but now we don’t.

So much has changed since, new ideas are incorporated and today, RDL offers a wide range of legal services. Although the Firm has grown much over the years, we still work like a family. There is no segregation among the Partners, lawyers and staff.
Chuang Shu Yuen (Accounts Clerk)
The office used to be rather small when there were only less than 10 Partners. We had a small group of people working and everything had to be done on a manual basis.

Today we have proper systems and the office is comfortably spacious. This is my longest service job and I am happy where I am today.
Loong Yook Moi (Tea Lady)
There were only 7 Partners when I started working. I used to make drinks for the whole office as the Firm was very small. Since the Firm has grown immensely, I am only required to make drinks for a section of the office due to the large number of staff we have today.

Most of the staff enjoy my coffee and it is a routine for them to have it on a daily basis. Never a day in the last 35 years have I felt tired of making drinks!
Mary Wang (Telephonist/Receptionist)
50 Years! That is no mean feat.

I recall vividly that when the Firm’s name was changed to Raja, Darryl & Loh, Mr Loh Yoon Kwai likened the ascending order of the Partners’ names to an aeroplane taking off.

From the days of Mah-Kok & Din to RDL@50, she has certainly taken off to greater heights. RDL is now a Firm to be reckoned with.

I am so proud to be a RDLian and am looking forward to the golden jubilee celebrations!
Nor Asmah bt Hashim (Central Filing Library Supervisor)
The CFL department used to be a very small department and I had very many less files to manage as compared to now. We only had 1 colour for all the files back then, which was brown. Today, the files are colour-coded based on the departments. We have developed an organized filing system over the years.

My bosses are great and I am happy to be here!
Bachan Kaur a/p Sohan Singh (Paralegal)
I have gained so much over the years and it has been an enriching experience in every way. I am proud to be part of RDL as I have made wonderful friends and been blessed with great bosses.
Parvathy a/p Sundaram (Tea Lady)
Back in those days when I first started with the Firm, my kids were still very young. Now they are all grown up and I am a grandmother.

RDL was small and not famous, unlike today. There were not many Partners when our office was located at the Bank Rakyat. I am very happy that the Firm is turning 50 years old!
Giam Chiu Whua (HR Executive)
I remember the Firm was known as Mah-Kok & Din when I first joined. Subsequently, it was changed to Mah & Din, before we were recognised as Raja, Darryl & Loh.

There was no Human Resource department back then and I was an Admin Assistant, helping out with finance. I have been working under Ms Lau for almost 20 years now. The Firm’s environment is much better today and I see improvement within the Firm every year.

It feels like the blink of an eye and now RDL has turned 50 years old. Time passes by so quickly. I wish the Firm all the best. I am confident there will be a 100 years anniversary!
Florence Lau Hi Hean (General Manager)
I have been the General Manager of the Firm since 19th March 1984. I am proud to be with the Firm and am privileged to be part of the management team seeing through the progressive changes that have taken place in our Firm since then till now. Looking back our Firm has done very well indeed. It has grown tremendously in many aspects and in so many areas. Congratulations to RDL at 50 years! May there be many, many more even better years ahead!
Michelle Jothi Santiago (Finance Executive)
When I first started, our Finance department was moving towards a semi-computerised system and we were small in number. Now we are fully computerised and operating on an online basis for daily transactions. As our firm grew, the volume of daily transactions and tasks grew as well and the number of people in our department increased so as to cope.

I am really happy and proud to be in RDL as it has grown and so have I!
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